Dental Fillings

Are silver cavities affecting your ability to smile? Composite dental fillings are the solution you’ve been looking for! At Midtown Doral Dental, we have the latest in dental technology to get you the best smile of your life!

What are Fillings?

Fillings are a specialized material used to fill the space that was created by a cavity. Composite fillings indicates they are white in color in order to match your naturally beautiful smile!


  • Nearly undetectable
  • Visually enhanced smile
  • Reduced risk of experiencing tooth loss

How Does it Work?

The selected area will be numbed with a local anesthetic to alleviate the pain. A drill is used to remove the present tooth decay and filled with composite resin. The filling hardens with low-density light and your tooth is durable like never before!

Are You Looking for Dental Fillings in Doral?

As your leading dental filling experts, we are committed to creating a smile you will love. Don’t let cavities get in the way of showing off your pearly whites! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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