Laser Dentistry

With technological advancements made in dentistry today, we are committed to providing you with optimal dental care. Laser dentistry is a new type of specialization that defines modern dentistry. At Midtown Doral Dental, we are dedicated to your oral health!

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is the practice of keeping gum tissue healthy with a series of laser types and treatments. This can be used with a variety of dental procedures, depending on the treatment outlined by your doctor.


  • Increased oral health
  • Restored confidence
  • Less susceptible to oral diseases

Types of Laser Treatments

Soft Tissue
  • Specific to treating gum tissue
  • Treats advancing periodontal disease
  • Minimal discomfort
Hard Tissue
  • Treats “hard” tissue (i.e. gum tissue surrounding the teeth)
  • Removes tooth decay and prepares tooth for a root canal
  • Multiple sessions needed

Are You Looking for Laser Dentistry in Doral?

We are dedicated to ensuring your oral health is in the best shape possible. There is nothing short of excellence at our office. Contact us today to get started!

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