Onsite Dental Lab

In order to get patients the best dental care possible, our on-site dental lab gets your dental restorations completed much faster. At Midtown Doral Dental, we combine high-quality dentistry in just one place for you and your family.

Dental Technology

Our in-house dental lab provides you with a more efficient means to getting the perfect smile. Instead of sending images and impressions to another dental lab and taking weeks to finalize them, we create the restoration right here in our office.

Since we only use the most advanced dental systems, you will be able to see your new smile in a 3D mockup and technology-supported restorations.


  • Quicker treatment time
  • Reduces wait times for immediate dental restorations
  • Increased production

Are You Looking for an Onsite Dental Lab in Doral?

Let’s get your smile started off with beautiful onsite restorations! Our team ensures the best results so you can get the best smile. Contact us today to get started!

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