A fixed dental bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth. It is called a fixed bridge because it is not removable. A bridge is a structure that is supported by teeth on either side of the space. This bridge spans the gap between teeth, just like how a bridge spans a river.

How are Dental Bridges Made?

The first step in the process is to prepare the support for the bridge. The replacement crowns are placed over the existing teeth as supports for a bridge. After that, the dentist prepares the teeth on the other side of the gap and then takes an impression of the prepared teeth. These impressions are then sent to a dental technician to make the actual bridge. The crowns are joined to the artificial tooth, which replaces the missing tooth.

What are the Fixed Bridges Usually Made of?

The base of the bridge is made of precious or non-precious metal. Tooth-colored porcelain is fused to these metals to make them appear more tooth-like. Thanks to modern technological advances, bridges can be made entirely of porcelain.

Can People Tell I Have a Fixed Dental Bridge?

Fixed bridges are made to look natural and fully match the adjoining natural teeth. A bridge in the front of the mouth will restore and even improve the smile overall. Most people will never know you have a dental bridge.

How Successful are Fixed Bridges?

Fixed dental bridges have been used to successfully replace one or more missing teeth for decades now. In addition to that, these bridges can last for many years.

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